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  • Windows ME
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
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Only available for 7-day trial.

BeamYourScreen is perfect for sales representatives, who want to conduct live product demonstrations or give presentations to prospective customers: enhance your telephone conversation and show your prospects what you see on your computer.

Show presentation slides or demo software online and in real-time. Discuss project results and jointly work on documents during team meetings: there is no need to book meeting rooms in advance with BeamYourScreen technology; no need to travel long distances. You can easily switch presenters during a meeting.

Use BeamYourScreen to enhance customer support: you can show solutions to customers’ problems on your desktop while you explain verbally over the phone. With permission of your customer, you can see his screen and even remotely control his keyboard and mouse. Your customers connect to your session on your web site.

Train people in remote locations: you can show any application and any document in real time. Your students use their standard Internet browser to see your screen.

"Worst Web-based support tool I've tried"

This program is clumsy, unstable & expensive compared to others out there (Crossloop, Zoho et al.)

I tried this for a year and almost 40% of the time I got disconnected from the host PC and had to restart the session or I at least lost control of mouse and keyboard. That means the person onthe other end needs to keep restarting session too and has to repeatedly go through the process of allowing me access. Made me look far from professional. I wound up switching to another web based product which works much, much better. Save yourself the trouble: you can do better for a lot less $$.

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  • Expensive, Contract Terms are very oppressive. There is no way to cancel online! You have to do so in writing. Keep in mind too that this company is in Germany so if you have a Customer Service or Support issue, be prepared to do a lot of waiting due to the time difference.

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26 Apr 2011

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